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Tangentially Reading is the literary spin-off of Christopher Ryan’s popular podcast, Tangentially Speaking. Tangentially Speaking released its inaugural episode in 2012, and new episodes have appeared weekly ever since. Tangentially Reading collects and preserves in paper form 26 of the podcast’s most memorable conversations. The creation of the book – from its conception through to transcription through to design and illustration – was powered by the enthusiasm of the global Tangentially Speaking community. The book’s gorgeous illustrations are original works by podcast listener Adam McDade. Tangentially Reading was published in December of 2017.

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“Thank you, Chris. I've never looked forward to the rest of my life as much as I do right now. Keep this podcast going, I really feel that it's bringing good things to people.”

Tangentially Speaking has helped me prioritize the important things in life and worry less about bullshit.”

Tangentially Speaking has helped me understand this insane world we're put into. It has made me feel like I have a friend who knew just what to say to me.”

Tangentially Speaking has got me through some gnarly life experiences.”

“You, along with a few others, have inspired me to see the world differently. That's incredible. Thanks for being a modern shaman, Chris.”

“Reading Sex at Dawn and listening to your podcast piqued my interest in anthropology, causing me to read further into the subject and eventually choose to study it.”

Tangentially Speaking has enriched and changed my and my wife's lives for the better.”

“Every episode is unusual, thoughtful, and real. A true treasure for those frustrated with day to day monotony.”

"To have these conversations in my ears, instead of the thoughtless regurgitation of nonsense from people who repeat things they hear on television, has been beneficial to me in more ways than i can describe.”

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christopher ryan

Christopher Ryan was born in Pennsylvania in 1962. Chris completed his Ph.D. in psychology in 2002, and in 2010 he co-authored the international bestseller Sex at Dawn. In the wake of the book’s success, Chris became a regular guest on some of the most popular podcasts in the world, including The Joe Rogan Experience. In 2012, Chris launched his own podcast, Tangentially Speaking, which now runs to hundreds of episodes and is being converted into book form with Tangentially Reading. Chris’s second book, Civilized to Death, will be published by Simon & Schuster in 2018.